Searching for Tariffs

The simplest way to search for a Tariff in Explorer is to enter either the name of the Energy Provider or your customer’s Zip Code. This will return a list of all the eligible tariffs for that location or utility, as well as a probability factor.

  • Tip: Use the auto-complete function in the search box to find your energy provider.

Adding Filters

To narrow your choices further, you can apply filters (see the Show Filters in the right corner) to your search. The most useful filters are Customer Class (Residential, General and Special Use) and Tariff Types (Default, Alternative, etc.). If you have usage information on your customer, you can also search by demand and / or consumption tiers or eligibility. For solar customers, you can also search tariffs based on net metering constraints and see the flagged tariffs applicable for net metering.

However if you’re interested in only certain types of tariffs, Charge Types (How is electricity usage measured) , Contents (What pricing mechanism are used) or Service Type (Electric or Solar) can narrow your search only to tariffs with specific types of rates. You can further narrow your search using the effective dates, either by entering a single effective date or a date range.

  • Tip: Getting no results from your search? Each filter is an additional requirement the tariff has to meet to appear in the search results. Clear unnecessary filters and to bring back more tariffs.

Searching for a Tariff Demo

Watch this 1 minute video to get an overview on how to Search for a Tariff

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