Utility Usage Data

Green Button XML

Green Button is an effort heavily promoted by the White House to empower users with access to data about their energy consumption. Many utilities are making this data available for their residential customers (list here). This XML can be uploaded as-is into a Genability Account.

A description of the format and samples of Green Button XML file can be found on greenbuttondata.org. We have some additional samples for download here. Alternatively, check out http://www.greenbuttondata.org/.

Data Depositories

Several utilities and some Independent System Operators, especially in deregulated states, make their customers' usage data available through online depostories. If you are interested in importing usage data from these centralized sources, please contact us directly. In order to enable these data imports you will need to share your login credentials (encrypted, of course) so our application can request that data on your behalf in addition to your customer's account ID.

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