Excel & CSV

No day is complete without some time spent in Excel. Excel serves as both a powerful calculation and data manipulation tool AND a data format standard. Nearly every utility delivers its customer's interval data in CSV format for use within Excel.

Genability accepts Excel's CSV output in 3 different formats in an effort to make it easy to get usage and solar production data into Genability Explorer. If you have any trouble uploading your CSV data into Genability Explorer, please send us your file; we'll be happy to format it for you.

Usage Data Formats

Genability Flexible Column - With one row per interval, this format allows you to indicate "from" and "to" timestamps, quantityValue (e.g. 3) and quantityUnit (e.g. kWh) for as many intervals as you would like.


All Genability CSV formats use ISO 7000 date formats ("YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"). If you edit your customer's CSV usage data in Excel you will need to reformat your dates every time you save the file as a CSV.

Exporting Calculation Results

Getting data into Explorer is only half the problem, the other half is getting it back out again. Both with Cost Analysis and the Calculate tab in Tariffs, you have the option to export your calculation results into Excel via the 'CSV' button.

You can organize your calculation results any way you like: by total, charge types, rate group or rate, then further group the results by any time period from one year to one hour. If you would like a preview of what will be downloaded to Excel, click the Toggle View at the top of your calculation and you will see exactly what will be saved to your CSV.

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