Explorer is designed to work easily with other software tools and seamlessly with Genabilty’s own APIs. The integrations have been designed to make it easy to get your customer’s data into Explorer. If you're looking for a complete managed services offering, email us.

Do you use a software tool that’s not listed here? If you find yourself spending time transforming data from one of your other software tools to use in Explorer, let us know. We’ll see what we can do to help, so you can spend your time doing something more interesting than manipulating data formats.

Genability APIs

It’s not surprising that the easiest integrations are with Genability’s own APIs. Genability ties your Applications and your Explorer subscriptions under a single organization, making it seamless to share accounts.

Usage Data

Usage data can come in nearly any format: utility bills, Green Button XML from the utility, 4-second readings from the inverter. Our profiles accept multiple CSV formats from Excel and Numbers, as well as the Green Button XML format.

PVSyst & Solar Production Data

For annual-hourly solar production data, Genability supports PVSyst's native production output format. Production data from other solar modeling tools can be uploaded using any of Explorer's simple CSV formats

PVWatts in Explorer

Behind the Model Solar Production button in the Profiles section of Accounts, you'll find an embedded version of PVWatts. Click here to learn more about how we've integrated PVWatts.

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