Utility Bills

Have a stack of Utility Bills from your customer? Enter your customers' bills by going to the Bill Entry button at the top of the Profiles tab within Accounts. Be sure to select Source Bills.


Bills allows you to enter bills with one kWh and kW value or complex bills with time-of-use kWh and kW. Upload an image of your customers bill and compare your bill side-by-side to Genability’s calculation.

Here are the steps to matching our calculation to your customer’s bills:

  • 1. Enter the date range of your bill and the total bill amount, then click the calculate button to create a profile.
  • 2.Now you can upload the an electronic copy of your bill.  This allows you to compare our calculation, line item by line item, to the bill from the utility.
  • 3. The initial calculation is with 1000 kWh as usage.  Once the profile has been created, you can enter kWh (split by time of use period, if applicable), kW and tax amounts/rates.  With each recalculation, we calculate both the new bill but also the difference between your customer’s bill and our calculation.
  • 4.  Each time you recalculate, we recalculate the hourly usage values recorded on the profile. That profile can then be used in cost analysis.

Viewing your Usage Data Profile

Once created, you can view all the details that comprise your customer’s usage data. Select their profile and you’ll see a chart of usage by billing month. Click on any column to drill deeper into the usage.

Adding and Editing Usage Data

You can add more bills directly to your customer’s profile. Enter a new bill by clicking on the (+) either before or after your original bill.

Editing your bill data can easily be done by clicking on the month you wish to edit and re-entering your values. To save your entry click the Re Calculate button.

Once you save your edit you will overwrite your original numbers, so be careful when editing usage data.

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