Customer Accounts

In Genability Explorer you can create an Account to organize all the details for your customer, making it easy to run what-if cost analyses.

Accounts map one-to-one to your customer projects and allow you to define your customer’s details once and use them repeatedly. An account consists of a single site, a tariff and one or more usage data profiles.


Accounts are private to your organization (company) and only your organization. Once created, accounts may be updated at any time to include new or changing data about your customer.

Filling in the Gaps

If you have incomplete data about your customer, Genability provides an extensive set of defaults and baseline profiles to fill in the gaps. Genability can provide default settings for every part of a customers' account with the exception of address and customer type (Residential or General).

Elements of an Account

When building your customers' account, you are recording data that either defines how they are billed (Tariff) or how and when they use electricity (Usage Data Profiles). It is the combination of all these elements that drives the precise costs delivered within Cost Analysis. For Cost Analysis, Genability uses your account's tariff and default usage profile to drive the initial calculation.

Tariff Data

In order to apply the correct billing rules for your customer, Genability needs to use a tariff. Tariffs are utilities' rate plan and they include rules about both who is eligible for each rate plan and how customers are billed for their electricity usage.

Genability uses your customer's address and customer type (Residential or General) to limit your list of potential tariffs. Genability also records additional rules for each tariff, such as the peak demand limits for small/medium/large commercial tariffs for each energy provider.

A tariff's billing rules consist of one or more rates that define what your customer pays per meter, kWh, kW, kVAR, etc. In addition each rate may only apply during a specific time of year or day, to certain customers or go up or down based up volume. Every rule that affects electricity pricing is captured by Genability to guarantee calculation fidelity.

Usage Data Profiles

Cost analyses are based upon your customer's usage (kWh and kW). As you provide more precise data about your customer's usage, you make Genability's calculations more precise. Your customer's usage is stored in a usage data profile.

Usage data profiles are made up of intervals representing chunks of time and its associated electricity usage (kWh or kW). Intervals can be as big as one year (2011, 45000 kWh) or as tiny as one second. Genability will create a profile with the usage data you provide, rolling or slicing it up as necessary to fit the billing rules for any tariff.

Usage data can be uploaded in a variety of electronic formats (CSVs and GreenButton XML) or entered manually from the information on a utility bill. Upon upload, Genability will roll up or split the intervals as necessary for cost analysis, including determining kW values from kWh-denominated intervals. Afterwards, you will be able to append, edit and view your customer's usage data through Genability Explorer.

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