Your Organization's Profile

What is an Organization

Organizations are a shared view for all members of your company. Creating an Organization for your company allows you to privately and securely create accounts with all of your customers information that can easily be shared with your coworkers for collaboration.

By including your company's domain in the set up of your Organization, Genability Explorer can detect when other members in your company sign up and give them the option to join your organization. It will also let you know if an organization for your company has already been created. All membership requests and invites are administered by the Organization's creator.


Explorer users can be a member of more than one Organization. Each organization's data is private and secure to that specific organization and not viewable to members in other organizations.

Within the Organizations page, users can add or create an organization, request membership to an organization, set a current organization and leave an organization.

What If I'm Not Part of an Organization?

Until an organization is created for your company, you will have read-only access to shared accounts and profiles.

Creating an Organization Demo

Watch this 1 minute video for a quick overview on how to Create an Organization

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